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Intensive Aikido, 7 and 8 October 2017. Tenerife Canary Islands.  This activity is organized Kuubukan Quality. Click if you want to know what quality means Kuubukan?

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        Article on: The Importance of Intensive  Article in our newsletter Aiki - Publis on "The importance of the intensive".



Objectives for the Intensive Objectives for the Intensive:

  Objectives for Zazen Target for Zazen: “Attention on the position”.

  Target for Chi - Kung -Zhan Zhuang- Objective in Chi-Kung: "The work of all this year will be concentrate on developing and working full cycle. It means working the 5 basic Zhan Zhuang’s positions in the order that we have been learning. This let us generate maximum energy flow which we will have to apply in practice later."

        This approach is for the 1st session of 14.00. to 14:30 p.m.

        In the 2nd session 18.00. to 18.30. p.m.

        A different approach will be given preceding the empty hand.

        It will consist of other double push hands.

        The aim is to develop contact sensitivity and imbalance companion.


        Attention!  Throughout this year we have been working on the basis of our Kihon in 6th and 5th Kyu (which is the basis of base). In this intensive we want to do improvement’s work within those foundations.

        Therefore we will focus practice giving it a sense of improvement (both in weapons and hand-empty). That means that we will practice every element for 30 minutes in an uninterrupted way in order to automate the movements in our bodies.

        This work within capacity’s development has the function of improving: attention over the action; somatic memory of own gestures of each technique; development of spontaneity and continuity in the flow of action.

        So you have to keep away tedium and routine, unconscious automatism, robotic being and intermittency.

        In November in the autumn’s seminar we will evaluate the work we have done in this intensive which it also will continue in weekly classes.


  targets for weapons Aikido -arms-: 

     With Jo: The work is going to be based on the work of the whole block of 4º kyu  .

     With Ken: The whole block of 4º kyu  .

          If you want to see the work of Weapons performing at our Dojo, watch our videos section.


Empty Hand objectives Aikido -empty hand-: The work will focus on Ryotedori, Shomenuchi and Katadori, working large circle and small circle of 4th Kyu  .

          If you want to see the work of Empty Hand made in our Dojo, watch our videos section.


Click to Register  Deadline for registration is October 2, 2017

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This month's article in our nuestro boletín Aiki-Publis Newsletter:

        Hara in the Japanese language, part 2. By Karlfried Graf Dürcckheim.


        It is becoming increasingly apparent that the word Hara indicates a state of being, which gives people who get it, special abilities, both active and passive.

        It allows the person to live experiences that transcend those that can be given from their five senses and that have nothing in common with those that give their instincts or their intuition. Hara is that organ, both receptive and creative, which, in essence, is the person as a whole, the person who manifests himself as such. We have already seen how he frees the person from the prison of his egocentric self the exercises of the Hara, allowing him to act from his total being.

        The confidence that the person has in himself thanks to having taken root in the Hara, represent the self-consciousness of a Self, which is much more than the Self; First, because it does not necessarily have to reach that which touches or hurts the latter, and also because it is of much greater size. In this respect it is interesting to mention the concept of haragei, since it plays an important role in Japanese life.    See more.

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Class of Hatha-Yoga


        Date: September 14, 2017.

        Class Schedule: 20.00h. At 10:00 p.m.

          Place: Headquarters of the Kuubukan Dojo

        Campo de Lucha de El Calvario. Calle la ermita nº 15 El Sauzal.

        Equipment Loose clothing - shirt and trousers - preferably white, if you can!

          Limited spaces! And it's totally

        For people outside the Kuubukan Dojo.

          Deadline to register September 10 at 18:00.

        Para Inscribirse Contactar por: Móvil, Whatsapp o Line  Phone,, Whatsapp o Line: 639 187 140.


  All Information about the Hatha-Yoga Class.       


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Technical video of month by Sensei Ishana Pérez

        Aiki-Ken of Dojo Kuubukan: Tachi Dori, Variation about Iriminage technique.


Click to See:       Aiki-Ken of Dojo Kuubukan: Tachi Dori, Variation about Iriminage technique

        Tachi dori begins to study within our Studies plan Kuubukan in 6th Kyu, see in the folowing link the technical program for this level:

        This variation of Iriminage has difficulties in its execution, for example:

        The Atemi is done with the back hand, which implies an added difficulty in the movement so that we do not cut the arm, for this you have to go as close as possible to enter the Uke.

        In the normal way, the Atemi is performed with the most advanced hand, which makes it easier to penetrate the partner.

        The displacement is done in Irimi ashi, therefore there is a change of laterality under the sabre.

        These two points make it a simultaneous adjustment of the low, the feet with the displacement, with the high, the entrance with the Atemi of the arm delayed.

        On the other hand, with respect to the Uke's driving, you have to make the same adjustment of the above with the bottom, that is, the hand wrapping the neck with the hand that grasps the handle of the saber and makes the extension.

        If those two actions are not done simultaneously we do not involve Uke in the interior, we do not break his attack, we do not disqualify him and offer him the opportunity to cut us off.

        Normally in the Iriminage technique we open the spiral outwards, in this variation we reverse that process by closing it inwards, to finally attack the Tanden (center of gravity) of the Uke with the saber hilt to produce the Nage (the projection).

        This action of closing implies a greater demand for Uke to take Ukemi, to see in the following route the decalogue to be a good Uke.

#AikidoKuubukan  /  #DojoKuubukan

        Tori: Sensei Ishana Pérez.

        Uke: Alberto Luís Méndez.

        Photography and video: Jorge González.

        Attention! This is Very Important  Warning:

        Performing these exercises without the guidance, instruction, maturation and proper guidance can lead to serious accidents.

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Our monthly publishing by our Sensei Ishana Pérez.

        Carbon or Diamond.

        By Sensei Ishana Pérez.

        "You will never become the best you can become if pressure, tension and discipline are removed from your life".

Dr. James G. Bilkey.

        Coal and diamond have the same chemical composition, what makes them different is how each one is formed, that is the crux of the matter.

        It is exactly like education in a Budo like Aikido, we all have the same potentialities, but the difference is the crucible to transform us, that is, the Sensei we choose and the Dojo where we want to form. #AikidoKuubukan / #DojoKuubukan   See more.

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Scholarships Kuubukan.

    We inform all the residents and registered in El Sauzal, that we have open the registration period for our Kuubukan 2017-2018 Study Scholarships.  #AikidoKuubukan / #DojoKuubukan

See all the details here. 

  Phone contact. 639 187 140


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Hatha - Yoga Online

 Click to View Information Classes Hatha - Yoga Online Today times of high stress living, to do any activity you input quality of life, you have to move to places that get you away either your job or your home, which is a waste of time added.

    Click to View Information Classes Hatha - Yoga Online New technologies bring us closer to global saving time and being comfortable in our surroundings. This is what gives you classes in Hatha - Yoga OnLine, you can choose a wide range of possibilities: breathing exercises, relaxation, postures rebalance your life energy and bring you health, meditation exercises that increase your mental capacity etc.

        Classes will be taught through Click to Download Skype for Free for personalized.

Classes will be in Spanish  Classes will be in Spanish.

        The first thing you do is an interview by Click to Download Skype for Free (totally free) with stakeholders to see their motivations and objectives within the HathaHatha - Yoga. The next thing is to see if they want a standard class or want custom, having set a target begins work.

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