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        Sâdhana or Abhyâsa, constant practice with a spiritual goal. By Sensei Ishana Pérez.


        Today times mostly when talking about the practice of Yoga is live, everything that you go to a center to do postures that bring us health for our body and little or nothing is summarized, but I come to the memory of Swami Vivekananda's sentence when he commented: "If you only stretch out you will be a very healthy animal".

        That may be good and be the beginning of something very transcendental for our life, but we can not say, nor reduce the term of Sâdhana or Abhyâsa to 3 or 4 sessions of postures per week.

        To make things right, we will shed light on some terms that in doing so we will bring understanding.

        What Sadhana and abhyasa mean?    See more.

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Technical video of month by Sensei Ishana Pérez.

         Aikido of Dojo Kuubukan: Kesa Giri, Iriminage.


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        Iriminage begins to study within our Plan of Estudies Kuubukan in 6th Kyu, see in the following link the technical program for this level:

        We continue to show form based on the Kashima Shin Ryu, on the work of Kihon Tachi, in his movement nº 1, Kesa Giri.

        The central idea of this work is to follow the partner, I refer to the work of the Tori, we use the action of the Kesa Giri to lead the Uke, at the same time we accompany him to apply the Iriminage.

        Another important aspect to highlight is the Te Sabaki, -hand work, we seek to cut to get out of their grip, which in this case the contact is on Uke's wrist, and with that action enters the arm to apply the Iriminage.

#AikidoKuubukan / #DojoKuubukan


        Tori: Sensei Ishana Pérez.

        Uke: Jessica Dudine.

        Video: María José Marichal y Jorge González.

        Attention! This is Very Important  Warning:

        Performing these exercises without the guidance, instruction, maturation and proper guidance can lead to serious accidents.

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Our monthly publishing by our Sensei Ishana Pérez.

        Softness without content.

        By Sensei Ishana Pérez.

        One of the great difficulties to about Aikido when we are observed by eye experts in other arts, is that our smoothness is understood and respected, so does the Tai Chi Chuan. But the fault is with us if we are not respected, and that is based on whether that softness has content or not.

        The road has to be walked:

        From hard to soft, and not the other way around.

        According to the master Kuo Lien-Ying: Según: “Calm is the basis and action its application. Action is the product of calm".

        “Calm is the basis and action its application. Action is the product of calm" The crux of the issue as seen by prior appointment, is the mental state with which to work in the movement, hence whether or not quality in stock. #AikidoKuubukan / #DojoKuubukan   See more.

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