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        A February 29 ... By Jessica Dudine.


        And then it happened, that sound that I will never forget, a deep and dry crunch accompanied by a strong pain. He knew exactly what had happened, he knew there was no turning back. At that moment, in that second I only thought about my work, my practice, all the things achieved and the fears that little by little I had cleared of myself. It happened doing Jo Tori, performing Kokyunage.

        Everything happened very fast around me, but my mind had encapsulated. I did not cry, at least not at that moment. I knew what had happened to me, I knew my diagnosis perfectly without even testing myself, but I just thought I hope it is not, I hope it's something else.

        There was no going back, my Sensei put a handkerchief in the shape of a sling and we ran to the emergency room. I kept thinking in the car. And now? What will I do now? ...    See more.

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Aikido Summer School in the Canary Islands, Spain. Click here to see the information


7 and 8 July, XXV edition of the Summer School of Aikido  This activity is organized Kuubukan Quality. Click if you want to know what quality means Kuubukan?   

        Summer School Canary Islands Spain.    Aikido Summer School in the Canary Islands, Spain. Click here to see the information


Objectives for the Seminar Objectives for the Seminar:

  Objetivo para el Za Zen Target for Zazen: “breathing.”

  Target for Chi - Kung -Zhan Zhuang- Target for Chi - Kung: Work throughout this year will concentrate on developing and working full circle, that means working the 5 basic Zhan Zhuang postures in the order that we have learned, this can generate a maximum power flow, then we have to apply in practice.

  Objetivo para las Armas Aikido -arms-: 

    Objective Jo With Jo: The work will be based on variations of Awases nº 2 and 3 of 4º Kyu 

    Objetivo  con Ken With Ken: The work will be based on the 3 Kumitachi of 3º Kyu 


    Objetivo para la Mano Vacía Aikido -empty hand-:

     The work is going to be raised about the movements of Henka ashi and Kaiten ashi working the techniques of 4th Kyu .


          Courtesy of our Dojo offer Breakfast and Appetizer with Kuubukan Quality.  Courtesy of our Dojo offer Breakfast and Appetizer with Kuubukan Quality.

Attention! This is Very Important  Registration Deadline JULY 2, 2018.  

If you come to our seminars this information will be helpful.

      Adventure Tourism in Tenerife            Canaria Gastronomy


Our Guestbook

Scholarships Kuubukan.

    In our desire to contribute to social work in the municipality of El Sauzal, where our headquarters are located, we have created annual Study Grants for our younger neighbors.  #AikidoKuubukan / #DojoKuubukan

See all the details here. 

  Phone contact. 639 187 140


News about our Dojo Kuubukan

    Last May of 2018 we did our annual Meditation Intensive in our Dojo Kuubukan.

    It began with an explanatory talk to guide on the dynamics of meditation and the objectives set.   See more.

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Our monthly publishing by our Sensei Ishana Pérez.

        Why do you have to practice in silence?

        By Sensei Ishana Pérez.

"The road to all great things goes through silence."

Friedrich Nietzsche.    

        In Latin environments, it is a pending subject of recovery when exercising in Keiko, what are the reasons that cause the disruptive talk? Perhaps our extroverted character and the lack of understanding of the importance of silence to integrate the experience of the technique.

        One thing is clear, the talk distracts and reduces the concentration of Keiko, and against what is thought, is not assimilated more by exercising the muscle of the tongue.

        Within the influences that Budo has suffered (Shintoism, Confusionism and Buddhism) silence on the tatami is the influence of Zen, that is, learning with the body to integrate and have the experience here and now! That can only be done In silence, the experimentation of the Do is timeless.   See more.

#AikidoKuubukan / #DojoKuubukan

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The Kamae and Displacements in Aikido.

    We inform you that the publication of our Dojo: The Kamae and the Displacements in Aikido, you can acquire it in Amazon in the following ways:

    In Kindle version, to do this, click on the following route: 

    And in Softcover or printed on paper, if you want it like this, click on the following route: 

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Hatha - Yoga Online

 Click to View Information Classes Hatha - Yoga Online Today times of high stress living, to do any activity you input quality of life, you have to move to places that get you away either your job or your home, which is a waste of time added.

    Click to View Information Classes Hatha - Yoga Online New technologies bring us closer to global saving time and being comfortable in our surroundings. This is what gives you classes in Hatha - Yoga OnLine, you can choose a wide range of possibilities: breathing exercises, relaxation, postures rebalance your life energy and bring you health, meditation exercises that increase your mental capacity etc.

        Classes will be taught through Click to Download Skype for Free for personalized.

Classes will be in Spanish  Classes will be in Spanish.

        The first thing you do is an interview by Click to Download Skype for Free (totally free) with stakeholders to see their motivations and objectives within the HathaHatha - Yoga. The next thing is to see if they want a standard class or want custom, having set a target begins work.

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